London Wall - February 2019

London Wall is a 2019 personal based project shot on 35mm Film.  As a Street Photographer in London, I was drawn to the subject matter in terms of replacement and longevity.  The wall originally represented the walls of London City in the Roman era. However, with the development and growth of the city, the original wall has slowly been replaced time and time again, leaving very little of the original structure in tact.  Much of the wall was replaced by social housing and office blocks in the 1970s and 1980s, however, moving forward to the 21st century, the wall and the area is once again being renewed and replaced by large glass office buildings.  On a cold Sunday morning, London Wall is practically deserted, making it almost appear as ruins upon ruins.  

I hope to engage further with this project within my own time, as I am fascinated to see if more areas such as this exist in London.